AVK Entertainment, Kirtee Waradkar Films, Vishwagunj Pictures and Amol Kagne Studios’ Baloch (Marathi; UA) is about the battle fought between the Marathas and Mughals in Balochistan after the former lost the Panipat battle and were being taken by the Mughals to Afghanistan.

Prakash Janardan Pawar’s story and screenplay are borrowed from history chapters and are interesting. The drama arrests the audience’s attention and engages them in the proceedings. It also has scenes which arouse patriotic feelings among the viewers. Tejpal Wagh’s dialogues are very impactful.

Pravin Tarde shines in the role of Suryaji. Ashok Samarth impresses a great deal as Jafar Khan. Smita Gondkar does well as Ratna. Amol Kagne lends fair support as Sarfaraz. Prasad Surve is alright as Zulfikar. Ramesh Pardeshi lends decent support in the role of Sadashiv Bhau Peshwa. Others lend fine support.

Prakash Janardan Pawar’s narration and direction are very good. Music (Narendra Bhide and Mohit Kulkarni) is good but not hit. Lyrics (Guru Thakur, Pranit Kulkarni and Pravin Joshi) are of a fine standard. Charudutt Gaikwad’s choreography is eye-filling. Mohit Kulkarni does a fine job of the background music. Mayur Hardas and Yogesh Koli’s camerawork is very nice. Prashant Naik’s action and stunt scenes are thrilling. Anand Sathe’s art direction is of a good standard. Editing (Mayur Hardas and Akshay Salve) is sharp.

On the whole, Baloch is an entertaining fare and will do well at the box-office.

Released on 5-5-’23 at Plaza (daily 1 show; show was cancelled due to technical reasons) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Filmastra Studios. Publicity & opening: okay.