‘DEDH LAKH KA DULHA’ REVIEW | 30 December, 2022

APS Pictures and KK Films Creations’ Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha is the story of an eligible bachelor. News spreads that this young, eligible bachelor has made it in the film industry and earns Rs. 1.50 lakh a month. That does it! He now gets marriage proposals galore as fathers of prospective brides queue up outside his home. In short, everyone wants to make him his son-in-law.

Abhay Pratap Singh’s story is so hackneyed that it is difficult to digest it. His screenplay is very childish and irritates the viewers. The characters of the drama behave as if they’ve neither seen nor heard of a person doing well in life. His dialogues are ordinary.

Dhruv Chheda does a routine job. Harshita Panwar is average. Akhilendra Mishra is quite nice. Abhay Pratap Singh is so-so. Ishtiyak Khan lends unexciting support. Ehsan Khan is average. Others barely pass muster.

Abhay Pratap Singh’s direction is poor. Shahjahan Shaikh’s music and Abhay Pratap Singh’s lyrics are just about functional. Even the song picturisations (by Ram Devan, Kenil Sanghvi and Nidhi Prabhu) are ordinary. Priya Raj Mondal’s background music hardly aids or heightens the impact of the clichéd script. Camerawork (D.K. Sharma) is so-so. Ashok Lal Yadav’s action and stunt scenes lack thrill. Saurabh Mishra’s art direction is too routine to deserve separate mention. Editing (Arun Kumar Singh and Raghubir Sharma) is loose.

On the whole, Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha is a flop show all the way.

Released on 30-12-’22 at Glamour (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Screenshot Media & Entertainment Group. Publicity & opening: poor. …….Also released all over. Opening was weak everywhere.