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Lyca Productions, Colour Yellow Productions and Mahaveer Jain Films’ Goodluck Jerry is the story of a lower middle class girl, Jerry (Janhvi Kapoor), who lives with her mother (Mita Vashisht) and younger sister, Cherry (Samta Sudiksha). She works as a masseuse. Her mother doesn’t approve of her profession at all.

To augment her income, Jerry starts working as a delivery girl for a drugs supplier. However, her dangerous new vocation comes with its share of problems. A stage comes when it becomes a question of life and death not only for Jerry but for her mother and sister too.

The film is a remake of Tamil film Kolamaavu Kokila. The original story and screenplay are written by Nelson Dilipkumar. The Hindi story and screenplay have been penned by Pankaj Matta. Although the drama has its share of light moments, it doesn’t evoke much laughter because the humour is laced with a tinge of fear. Secondly, since the story-line is thin, scenes start getting repetitive, robbing the drama of the humour quotient. In fact, the portion of Jerry delivering drugs has been stretched too much. Likewise, the climax is also unduly lengthy and robs it of its inherent fun quotient. The excitement of a thriller is completely missing if only because the pace of the drama is terribly slow. Scenes of similar kind are dished out one after the other and they are written in such detail that they irritate the audience after a point of time. Pankaj Matta’s dialogues are funny at places but, again, they don’t evoke much laughter.

Janhvi Kapoor does well as Jerry but she should learn to change her facial expressions speedily. Deepak Dobrial is outstanding as Rinku. He proves his versatility to the hilt. Mita Vashisht lends admirable support as Jerry’s mother, Sarbati. Samta Sudiksha stands out in the role of Cherry. Neeraj Sood is natural as Anil ji. Jaswant Singh Dalal is wonderful as Timmy. Sahil Mehta is outstanding as (Sardar) Jigar. Sandeep Nayak (as Jagdish), Sushant Singh (as Daler), Saurabh Sachdeva (as Malik), Vinod Tharani (as Bablu) and Mohan Kamboj (as Daddu) lend the required support. Rajendra Sethi is nice as police inspector Lal. Tumken Sora (as Tenzin) makes his presence felt. Surjeet Jugnu Absurd (as sub-inspector Jassi), Amarjeet Sagoo (as Mrs. Lal), Mohit Chawla (as Surinder), Maninder Singh (as constable Pawan), Manpreet Gill (as Dolly), Barinder Singh (as Amar), Abhimanue Kamboj (as Joginder), Nitin Sapra (as the photographer), Tashi Kalden (as Tenzin’s friend), and the others provide average support.

Siddharth Sen’s direction is alright as far as the craft is concerned. However, the pace of a thriller is missing. Parag Chhabra’s music and Raj Shekhar’s lyrics are so-so. Aman Pant’s background music is alright. Rangarajan Ramabhadran’s cinematography is of a fairly good standard. Action and stunt scenes (by Manohar Verma) are okay. Production designing (by Madhur Madhavan and Swapnil Bhalerao) is fair. Prakash Chandra Sahoo and Zubin Sheikh’s editing ought to have been sharper.

On the whole, Goodluck Jerry is an ordinary fare with a unidimensional story. It will, therefore, not meet with great response from the public.

Released on 29-7-’22 on Disney+ Hotstar.