LATEST POSITION | 18 February, 2023

The poor opening of this week’s SHEHZADA has come as a shock to the exhibition trade which was expecting the Kartik Aaryan starrer to strike gold at the box-office and be a worthy successor to Shah Rukh Khan’s PATHAAN. The turnaround for the industry, which came with Khan’s PATHAAN, could not be carried forward by Aaryan’s SHEHZADA. It will be interesting to watch the Aaryan-Khan clash through the week — Aaryan’s film in its first week versus Khan’s film in its fourth week.

Shiv Shastri Balboa performed miserably in 1st week all over India.

The Tenant (English-Hindi) failed badly in the first week.

Palak bombed terribly in 1st week all over.

Pathaan continued its sway over the box-office in its third week too, adding Rs. 46.95 crore to its kitty and taking its 3-week total to Rs. 505.85 crore. In other words, it joined the Rs. 500-crore club in the third week. Its original (Hindi) version is now short of the lifetime collections of the Hindi dubbed version of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion by around Rs. 25 crore only. Pathaan started its third weekend by netting Rs. 5.90 crore (Hindi Rs. 5.75 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.15 crore) on Friday. Collections jumped to Rs. 11.25 crore (Hindi Rs. 11 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.25 crore) on Saturday, and further to Rs. 13 crore (Hindi Rs. 12.60 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.40 crore) on Sunday. After a total of Rs. 30.15 crore (Hindi Rs. 29.35 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.80 crore) in the third weekend, collections for the weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 4.20 crore (Hindi Rs. 4.10 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.10 crore), Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) – Rs. 5.60 crore (Hindi Rs. 5.40 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.20 crore), Wednesday – Rs. 3.60 crore (Hindi Rs. 3.50 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.10 crore), Thursday – Rs. 3.40 crore (Hindi Rs. 3.30 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.10 crore). Therefore, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 16.80 crore (Hindi Rs. 16.30 crore; dubbed Rs. 0.50 crore). In this way, the film collected Rs. 46.95 crore (Hindi Rs. 45.65 crore; dubbed Rs. 1.30 crore) in the third week. Grand total for 3 weeks: Rs. 505.85 crore (Hindi Rs. 488.15 crore; dubbed Rs. 17.70 crore). It grossed around $3.65 million (Rs. 29.90 crore) Overseas in 3rd week, taking its grand total to $44.70 million (Rs. 366.50 crore). The film has become the highest Hindi grosser ever worldwide!

Jaggu Ani Juliet (Marathi) did fairly well only in a few big cities like Bombay, Thane and Pune in 1st week. It netted very ordinary collections in the rest of Maharashtra.

Aalay Mazya Rashila (Marathi) failed badly in 1st week all over Maharashtra.

Dhishkyaoon (Marathi) proved a debacle in 1st week in Maharashtra.

Vash (Gujarati) found appreciation in the major centres of Gujarat in 1st week for its novelty, performances and direction. It did not score much in smaller centres.

Karma (Gujarati) failed to make any mark whatsoever in the first week in Gujarat.