‘RUDRA’ (MARATHI) REVIEW | 3 May, 2024

Maa Bhavani Films, Filmisitara.com and Ciss Bureau Studio’s Rudra (Marathi; UA) is a revenge drama.

Ashok Kamle and Sunil Motwani have penned a very routine story about good versus evil. The duo’s screenplay is also so predictable that nothing really makes the audience feel invested in the drama. Clichéd scenes come one after another, leaving the viewers disconnected as ever. Sandeep Kamble’s dialogues are alright.

Siddhant More is quite good in the title role. Apurva Kawde does a fair job. Pradeep Rawat performs ably. Deepali Sayed leaves a mark. Thakur Anoop Singh has his moments. Nishigandha Wad makes her presence felt. Veena Jagtap has her moments. Madhuri Pawar is alright. Janki Pathak lends fair support. Vaishnavi Karmarkar, Ashok Kangude, Bhupender Singh, Vishweshwar Chavan, Sandeep Kamble, Dilip Wagh, Balasaheb Borkar, Sampada Bhosle, Hari Kokre, Vishal Rathod, Laxman Salwa and Nirmal Setty provide the desired support.

Ashok Kamle and Sunil Motwani’s direction is routine. Music (Pravin Kuwar, Lahu-Madhav and Babli Huq) is reasonably good. Lyrics (Ashok Kamle, Parshuram Bagde and Vaibhav Harish Joshi) are so-so. Background music ought to have been better. Arvind Sinh and Sanjivkumar Hilli’s cinematography is alright. Action and stunt scenes (choreographed by Shabuddin Shaikh, Parvez Khan and Najjo Faizal Khan) afford some thrill. Manoj Sankla’s editing is fairly sharp.

On the whole, Rudra is too ordinary and routine to make an impact on the audience.

Released on 3-5-’24 at Glamour (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Sunshine Studios. Publicity & opening: poor.