LATEST POSITION | 20 November, 2021

Kurup (dubbed) failed to make any mark in its first week.

Golondaaj (dubbed) met with a disastrous fate in 1st week.

Sooryavanshi continued to score in its second week too, netting Rs. 45.57 crore in all. The second week began with a net collection of Rs. 6.83 crore on Friday. Collections jumped by 50% on Saturday, to take the day’s total to Rs. 10.35 crore. The jump on Sunday was excellent so that the day closed at Rs. 13.39 crore. In this way, the second weekend closed at Rs. 30.57 crore. The film crossed the Rs. 150-crore mark on the 10th day as its total for 10 days stood at 151.23 crore. Collections on weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 4.50 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 3.92 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 3.42 crore, Thursday – Rs. 3.16 crore. Therefore, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 15 crore. Total for 2nd week: Rs. 45.57 crore. Grand total for 2 weeks: Rs. 166.23 crore. The third week started well yesterday (19th November). Collections today and tomorrow are expected to be very good. Overseas, the film grossed an equivalent of Rs. 11.82 crore in the second weekend, and another Rs. 4.50 crore during the weekdays. In other words, it grossed a total of Rs. 16.32 crore in 2nd week, thereby taking the 2-week total to Rs. 53.56 crore.

Eternals (dubbed and original English versions) netted Rs. 1.05 crore on the first day of its second week. Collections on Saturday and Sunday were Rs. 1.90 crore and Rs. 2.10 crore respectively, taking the second weekend’s total to Rs. 5.05 crore. It collected a total of Rs. 2.15 crore during the weekdays, taking the 2nd week’s total to Rs. 7.20 crore, and the 2-week grand total to Rs. 34.10 crore.

Jayanti (Marathi) fared miserably in 1st week all over Maharashtra.

Honsla Rakh (Punjabi) performed better in 5th week than in its 4th week. While it had netted Rs. 48.74 lakh in the fourth week, its total for the fifth week was Rs. 54.72 lakh. After the Diwali week (which was the fourth week for the film), it got more shows again for its fifth week. As a result, its collection total increased in the fifth week. Break-up: 1st week – Rs. 12.14 crore, 2nd week – Rs. 4.92 crore, 3rd week – Rs. 2.34 crore, 4th week – Rs. 48.74 lakh, 5th week – Rs. 54.72 lakh. Grand total for 5 weeks: Rs. 20.44 crore.