LATEST POSITION | 5 February, 2022

With all the old releases except PUSHPA: THE RISE PART 1 having almost exhausted their runs at the ticket-windows, the box-office awaits the release of new films to give itself the much-needed push.

Lucknow Junction fared miserably in the first week in U.P.

83 (Hindi and all dubbed versions) netted Rs. 0.77 crore in its sixth weekend, and another Rs. 0.45 crore in the weekdays, taking the total for the sixth week to Rs. 1.22 crore. Grand total for 6 weeks: Rs. 106.09 crore.

Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 (dubbed) continued to be the one film which kept the cinemas going in this terrible period of no big film releases. It started its 7th week with a take of Rs. 0.48 crore on Friday. Collections increased to Rs. 0.68 crore on Saturday. Sunday collections totalled Rs. 1.42 crore. In other words, the seventh weekend closed at Rs. 2.58 crore. In this way, the film crossed the Rs. 100-crore mark in 45 days as its total went up to Rs. 100.18 crore. Collections for the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 0.51 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 0.50 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 0.44 crore, Thursday – Rs. 0.38 crore. In other words, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 1.83 crore. Therefore, the total for the seventh week was Rs. 4.41 crore. Grand total for 7 weeks: Rs. 102.01 crore.

Zombivli (Marathi) did fair business in 1st week in Maharashtra.