Diljit Dosanjh starrer Honsla Rakh (Punjabi) should take a flying start tomorrow (15th October) if the advance booking is anything to go by. The plans for the film are filling up so fast that the advance booking for the film is next only to Shadaa (2019), which holds the record for the best advance booking for a Punjabi film. Till the night before release, Shadaa had sold 9,300 tickets at PVR properties. Honsla Rakh has so far sold more than 6,000 tickets at PVR properties. The figure might reach 8,000 by the end of the day. Qismat 2, released last month, had sold 3,600 tickets in advance before its release, at PVR cinemas. In fact, all the recent Punjabi hits, super-hits and blockbusters (released after the lockdown) had sold tickets in advance in the region of 3,500. With Honsla Rakh, it almost seems like pre-COVID days are back again. Shadaa had netted Rs. 2.4 crore on the first day (which is the highest ever opening day collection for a Punjabi film). Honsla Rakh seems set to cross the Rs. 2 crore mark tomorrow.

Honsla Rakh, directed by Amarjit Singh and Amarjit Singh Saron, will have the widest release ever, for a Punjabi film. It will release in more than 700 cinemas worldwide! Of these, it will open in more than 380 cinemas in India while in Overseas, it will release in 320-plus cinemas. The break-up for India: East Punjab – 155 screens, Delhi-U.P. – 137 screens, Gujarat, C.P.C.I. Rajasthan – 65 cinemas, East & South India – 23 cinemas. Overseas break-up: Canada – 50 cinemas, USA – 40 cinemas, UK – 44 cinemas, Europe – 84 cinemas, UAE & GCC – 36 cinemas, Australia, New Zealand and Asia – 66 cinemas.