The Bollywood haters are at it again. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide in June last year, there is virtually an army out there which indulges in Bollywood bashing full-time. The unfortunate part is that there are a couple of frustrated souls from within the Hindi film industry itself, who earn from Bollywood but lead this pack of Bollywood bashers. And they are once again active on social media after the arrest of Raj Kundra in the pornography racket.

In their excitement to badmouth the very industry from which they have earned money, name and fame, these misdirected souls forgot that Kundra is not a Bollywood personality from any angle. His only connection with Bollywood is that he is married to a Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty. But does that make him a part of Bollywood? Definitely not. Yet, these insiders and, consequently, this Bollywood haters’ brigade has been badmouthing Bollywood once again after the arrest of Kundra. They need to answer just one question: How is Kundra a Bollywood personality — is he an actor, producer, director, writer, choreographer or other technician? In the answer to this question itself, they will find how foolish they are and how much in haste they have acted.