Suncal Production International’s Sir Madam Sarpanch is the story of a US-raised girl’s resolve to fulfill her late father’s dream.

Ana (Ariana Sajnani) has been educated in the USA and now lives in Delhi. One day, she packs her bags and all the books at her home and sets out for her village to fulfill her late dad’s dream of starting a library in their ancestral home. However, she is horrified to learn that their home has been illegally taken away by the village sarpanch’s husband, Rajnarayan (Bhagwan Tiwari). From here, it’s Ana versus Rajnarayan. When Rajnarayan makes it almost impossible for Ana to start a library, she decides to contest the forthcoming sarpanch elections. Does Ana win the elections? Does she succeed in starting a library for the villagers?

Praveen Morchhale has penned a dull story which doesn’t quite connect with the audience. His screenplay has several twists and turns but they aren’t exciting because most of them are predictable. Resultantly, the drama leaves the viewers disinterested in knowing the outcome. Morchhale’s dialogues are just okay.

Ariana Sajnani (as Ana) is fair in her debut film. Bhagwan Tiwari performs well as Rajnarayan. Seema Biswas acts ably as Ana’s grandmother. Tanishka Hatwalne is okay as Ana’s cousin, Chhutki. Hemant Deolekar is so-so as Ana’s uncle, Gurudev. Shubhangini Srivas lends ordinary support as Ana’s aunt. Jyoti Dubey is okay as sarpanch Sudha. Rajnish Kumar Yadav (as the school principal), Shivam Dwivedi (as the police inspector), Yashasvi Pateria (as Jamila), Ajay Churey (as the barber) and the others provide dull support.

Praveen Morchhale’s direction, limited as it is by his weak script, is ordinary. Sahil Kulkarni’s music and Rohit Chandwaskar’s lyrics are okay. Nalin Vinayak does an average job of the background music. Camerawork (by Mohammad Raza Jahanpanah) is not impressive. Nikita Shah’s production designing is okay. Anthony Joseph’s editing ought to have been tighter.

On the whole, Sir Madam Sarpanch is a flop fare.

Released on 14-4-’23 at Premiere Gold (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru August Entertainment. Publicity & opening: poor. …….Also released all over.