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Tamil film producers have made it clear that they will not give their films for screening to multiplexes when cinemas are allowed to reopen unless their conditions are fulfilled. The demands of the Tamil film producers are:
(1) Discontinuance of VPF: Producers, who have been paying the digital projection companies Virtual Print Fee, have said, enough is enough. They want to forthwith discontinue the VPF.
(2) Producers want the revenue sharing terms to be revised. Instead of the usual 50% of the net collections in the first week (52.5% in case of hit films), 42.5% in second week (45% in case of hit films), 37.5% in third week, and 30% in 4th and onward weeks, producers want a bigger percentage each week.
(3) Producers want a percentage of the advertisement revenue from multiplexes for all the ad films screened during their films.
(4) Producers are also demanding a percentage of the online ticket sale fee which multiplexes charge customers.
(5) It is also the desire of producers that holdover films should not be discontinued when new films are released. As new films attract more footfalls and, therefore, higher sale of tickets as well as concessionaires, multiplexes often either discontinue running films ir reduce their number of shows to the bare minimum when a new film opens. Producers have made it clear that if a film is doing well at the box-office, its discontinuance will not be allowed in a bid to pave the way for the new film.