YOU ASKED IT | 10 November, 2023

What are your predictions about the first day’s collections of Tiger 3? Will the opening day’s figure be the highest ever?

– The first day’s figure can’t be the highest ever because the film will release on the day of Diwali (Laxmi pooja). This may be a festive holiday but a lot of public of The Hindu community do not frequent cinemas on that day because they are bust with the festivities which include the Laxmi pooja, visiting family, relatives and friends, bursting crackers, etc. Also, several cinemas suspend a show or two on that day so that their staff members can celebrate the festival (including performing the Laxmi pooja) with their families. Shows suspended translates in to loss of revenue.

Will Vikrant Massey now get offers of commercial films from regular and big banners, after the success of his 12th Fail?

– He should! It will be a tragedy if commercial filmmakers and big producers even now don’t consider him as an actor who can deliver. But, I think, producers will wake up to the fact that he is a fantastic actor.

Why did producer Dinesh Vijan release Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video in cinemas without any publicity or promotion?

– Yes, you are right. He shouldn’t have released it in cinemas without enough promotion. The film was actually made for OTT release. A theatrical release was an afterthought.