YOU ASKED IT | 12 May, 2023

What is your opinion on the trailer of Adipurush?

– Absolutely fantastic. Looking to the trailer and the public response to the same, it can safely be estimated that the film will take a historic initial. 

To what do you attribute the stupendous success of The Kerala Story?

– First and foremost, to the film, its subject and its bold making. Everything else — controversy before release, controversy after release, etc. — comes thereafter. Yes, the controversy before the release did help the film take a fantastic start, but that start could’ve remained just that (a great start) as the film would’ve crashed after the first show if the film was not good enough. But the content of the film is so compelling that the film was destined to score big time at the ticket windows.

Where does the runaway success of The Kerala Story leave the theory that only big and spectacular films will work in the cinemas, other films will be enjoyed on OTT platforms?

– The theory stands discarded. It was a flawed theory in the first place, and it had to be dismissed some day as being baseless. THE KERALA STORY has done just that — proven the theory wrong.