YOU ASKED IT | 16 December, 2022

Is it true that like Hollywood started the advance booking of its film, Avatar: The Way Of Water, a month in advance, Yash Raj Films is also planning to open the plans for its Pathaan this month itself although it is slated for release on 25th January, 2023?

– Yash Raj Films was contemplating opening the plans for its PATHAAN a month in advance but decided against it. So there’s no truth in the news circulating on social media that the advance booking of PATHAAN will open a month before its theatrical release.

When Indian technicians work on the visual effects of Hollywood films, and do such a phenomenal job of the same, why is it that Indian films don’t have the kind of visual effects seen in Hollywood films?

– Only because of budget constraints. Believe it or not but the budget just for the visual effects of AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER is over $200 million!

Will the outstanding public reports of Avatar: The Way Of Water affect the showcasing and initial of Rohit Shetty’s Cirkus next week?

– Two good/great films can run simultaneously. We’ve seen that happen in the past.