YOU ASKED IT | 25 February, 2022

People these days are often seen discussing more about web series than films. What does this indicate?

– It means that the lockdown has changed the viewing habits of people, to an extent. But in no way does it mean that cinemas are history.

What is the response to the trailer of Bachchhan Paandey?

– People have liked the trailer. On the strength of the response, it can safely be predicted that the initial of Akshay Kumar’s BACHCHHAN PAANDEY will be bumper.

Is it sensible on the part of the producers of Jersey to release it in opposition of KGF Chapter 2 on 12th April?

– So huge is the backlog of unreleased films that for the next few months, one should not ask whether it is sensible for two big films to release on the same day. There is not much option for producers but to release their big films in opposition of one another.