YOU ASKED IT | 31 March, 2023

Would the initial of Bholaa have been better had many people not seen Kaithi, the Tamil film of which Bholaa is a remake?

– Yes, the fact that many people had already seen KAITHI definitely affected the opening of BHOLAA adversely to an extent. But there are other factors too, responsible for the below-the-mark initial: its trailer was not liked by the public as much as its teaser; its release on an odd day (Thursday) even though it was Ram Navmi (point to be noted is that Ram Navmi is a partial holiday, not a complete holiday); and the ongoing Ramzan period.

Is delaying the OTT release of films an answer to the dwindling box-office collections?

– Yes, producers should pass a resolution to not release films on OTT till at least six months from the date of their theatrical release. This might help to boost the box-office. Also, admission rates and prices of concessionaires need to be reduced, to bring the audience back to the cinemas. There are lakhs of people who have stopped going to the cinemas (except for a film that is carrying extraordinary reports) because of the huge expenditure involved in watching films in cinemas and also because OTT content now occupies the place (in people’s minds) which cinemas once occupied. Drastic measures need to be taken to return to the good old days when cinema was king.

Is there a golden rule to ensure a good opening to a star-cast film?

– I don’t know whether it’s a golden rule or not but it is tried and tested and has been working since years. A fantastic trailer and hit/superhit music can ensure a good opening to a star-cast film.