YOU ASKED IT | 5 November, 2021

Given that the release date of Sooryavanshi had been announced many days back, couldn’t the issues of sharing and showcasing terms have been settled between the producers/distributors and national multiplex chains earlier to prevent the undue delay in opening of advance booking due to the uncertainty?

– Of course, the issues could have been settled earlier, but the question was about who was going to blink first. Both the sides to the dispute had to show to the other that it was the stronger side. Hence the issue defied a solution till the last moment.

What kind of an initial do you expect Sooryavanshi to take today (Friday, November 5)? Wouldn’t it have been better to release the film yesterday (Thursday) to take advantage of Diwali (Laxmi Pooja)?

– Collections on the day of Laxmi Pooja are adversely affected because ladies of Hindu households and, oftentimes, entire families avoid going to the cinemas on that day as they are busy with the festivities and preparations for the Laxmi Pooja. As for the initial of SOORYAVANSHI, the first day’s collections will leave everyone dumbstruck. Bollywood is back — and how!

Who has found it more difficult to restart operations after the lockdown — producers, distributors or exhibitors?

– Who hasn’t found it difficult to restart after a gap of so many months?