HAUNTED HILLS | 28 February, 2020

Released this week in U.P. and C.I., RSBS Films Production’s Haunted Hills (A) is a horror film.

Calamity befalls a honeymooning couple when the wife dies in an accident. Her soul remains trapped in a painting that she has left incomplete.

Sanjeev Kumar’s story and screenplay are clichéd and totally predictable. The horror scenes fail to send chills down the viewer’s spine. Even the dialogues are dull.

Krishna Chaturvedi is so-so as Rahul. Diana Khan is dull in the role of Siya. Zuber K. Khan (as Rohit), Mansi Gupta, Gavie Chahal (as Rahane), Nitin Dixit, Surendra Pal Singh, Sharan Anandani and Sunny Thakur lend poor support.

Sanjeev Kumar’s directoin is as pathetic as his script. Music (Gaurav, Sandeep and Asif Chandwani) is dull. Lyrics don’t deserve a separate mention. Raju Roy’s choreography is below the mark. Camerawork is weak. Shabuddin Shaikh’s action and stunts are routine. Azeem Pasha’s editing leaves plenty to be desired.

On the whole, Haunted Hills will face an uphill task at the ticket counters because it is a poor fare.


  1. Now when you mention the film haunted hills was pathetic and the cast’s acting was poor I could have still maybe felt that yeah he’s right you, but when you mentioned music and found it pathetic then I understand that you’re unsatisfied with life. So get one


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