TAANASHAH | 7 February, 2020

Frame To Frame Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Malik Movie’s Taanashah (A) is an action revenge drama.

Shiv (Dilip Arya) avenges the murder of his father and sister by killing the murderer and his entire family. In jail, Sukhlal (Manoj Joshi) helps Shiv escape. Sukhlal belongs to a gang led by Raja Rangoli (Jeetendra Shastri). Shiv joins the gang but he soon has a fallout with Raja Rangoli. Shiv now forms his own gang and seeks MLA Jagat Prabhu’s (Ravi Khanvilkar) support.

Meanwhile, Shiv’s case is being investigated by DSP Ranveer Singh (Tanmay Ranjan) whom Shiv murders as he (Shiv) holds him (Ranveer Singh) responsible for his (Shiv’s) mother’s death in custody. The case is now given to police inspector Ajay Sinha (Indraneel Bhattacharya).

Shiv’s gang has one doctor (Vinod Nahardih) who kills Shiv’s brother, Lal Kumar. But he tells Shiv that Lal Kumar had been murdered by MLA Jagat Prabhu. After misguiding Shiv, Doctor arranges a meeting between Shiv and the MLA. He informs police inspector Ajay Sinha about this meeting. Consequently, both, Shiv and the MLA, meet their end after this meeting. Finally, Shiv’s wife avenges Shiv’s murder by killing Doctor who, incidentally, has been elected MLA.

Mukesh Srivastava, Akhilesh Jaiswal, Akhil Choudhary and Ritam Srivastav have written a story that is silly, stupid, clichéd and convoluted. Their screenplay is terribly poor because it looks like an assemblage of scenes intended to incorporate action and more action. The dialogues, penned by the four writers, are too ordinary to be true.

Dilip Arya does well as Shiv. However, he does not look like a hero. Ravi Khanvilkar is alright as MLA Jagat Prabhu. Indraneel Bhattacharya is quite effective as police inspector Ajay Sinha. Vinod Nahardih lends adequate support as Doctor. Jeetendra Shastri is okay as Raja Rangoli. Tanmay Ranjan leaves a mark as DSP Ranveer Singh. Manoj Joshi makes his presence felt as Sukhlal. Laura Mishra is okay as Rama. Pranay Narayan (as police inspector Jamal) is ordinary.

Ritam Srivastav’s direction is poor. Pravesh Mallick’s music is not upto the mark. Lyrics are commonplace. Camerawork (by Hari Nair and Sharan Velayudhan Nair) is so-so. Hiralal Yadav’s action is of the routine variety. Art direction (Shambhu Nath and Ritesh Jadhav) is average. Editing (Prashant Naik and Abhishek Ranjan) is loose.

On the whole, Taanashah is a flop fare.

Released on 7-2-’20 at Gem (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Screenshot Media Entertainment Group. Publicity: so-so. Opening: poor. …….Also released all over.