TARPAN | 27 April, 2019

Eminence Studio and Mimesis Media Inc.’s Tarpan (UA) is a revenge drama.

Rajpatiya (Neelam) is a Dalit girl who works in the fields as a labourer. One day, Chandar (Abhishek Mada­recha), son of the owner of the fields, Pt. Dharamdutt (Rahul Chauhan), tries to rape Rajpatiya. But she is saved by other women-labourers.

Rajpatiya and her father, Pyare (Nandkishore Pant), seek the intervention of Dalit leader Bhaiji (Sanjay Kumar). A police complaint is filed, and although Chandar is left scot-free be­cause he is influential, Bhaiji asks the local MLA and the superintendent of police to intervene. Consequently, Chandar is arrested again.

However, Chandar manages to get bail from the court. Once out, Chand­ar comes in search of Bhaiji. But Raj­patiya’s brother, Munva (Lalit Prakash Jogi), attacks Chandar and finally cuts his nose. The blame for the cutting of the nose is taken by Pyare, the father of Munva and Rajpatiya.

Shivmurti’s story is idiotic and quite irritating. Dharmendra V. Singh has penned a dull screenplay which affords no excitement to the audience what­soever. The drama is so stupid that the viewers wonder why the film was made in the first place. Dharmendra V. Singh’s dialogues (in Awadhi lang­uage) are below the mark.

Nandkishore Pant does a fair job as Pyare. Neelam is ordinary in the role of Rajpatiya. Sanjay Kumar is okay as Bhaiji. Abhishek Madarecha is ordinary as Chandar. Poonam Alok Ingle is so-so in the role of Rajpatiya’s mother. Rahul Chauhan (as Chand­ar’s father, Pt. Dharamdutt) and Van­dana Asthana (as Chandar’s mother) lend routine support. Padmaja Roy (as Lavangi), Lalit Prakash Jogi (as Munva), Arun Shekhar (as Chandar’s maternal uncle, Amarkant), Siddharth Srivastava (as Bikramva), Rakesh Sahni (as the superintendent of police) and the rest deliver routine per­formances.

Neelam R. Singh’s direction is poor. Manoj Nayan’s music, and Rakesh Nirala’s lyrics are commonplace. Sanjay Pathak’s background score hardly deserves mention. Sukumar Jatania’s camerawork is dull. Editing (Sunil Yadav) leaves a lot to be desir­ed.

On the whole, Tarpan is a sureshot debacle.

Released on 26-4-’19 at Movie Star (daily 1 show) of Bombay thru Batra Showbizz. Publicity & opening: very poor. …….Also released in Delhi-U.P.