Sushant Singh Rajput ki dardnaak aatmahatya ki sachchaiyaan

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    • If you say he worked with so called big directors then why the hell he didn’t receive any awards. What your call on this. I know it takes hell a lot of time for you to create this script.

  1. Sushant intelligent thy aur brilliantly films select karte thy , ye aap ne kaha..fir ye kaha ki dispersion mein thy sochne samazne ki shakti kam hi gayi thi ???
    Aap ne unki hit films ginvayi , right ..
    Fir aap ne pipe line mein jo films thi wo ginvayi
    So uski koi bhi movie floor pe kyun nahi thi ?
    Aap kush story jante hain par cover karna chahte hain aisa lag raha hai.

  2. I totally agree with you komal.whatever you told in this video. That was in my mind. I think like that. just 2 days before the same i duscuss with my family and friends. why people blaming nepotism is one reason for suicide. Its totally wrong.because sushant had worked 2 films of YRF and 1 for Kjo and most important he was worked with bollywood biggest director raju hirani and nitesh tiwari. He worked with neeraj Pandey and give block buster movie Ms dhoni.There is no reason to commit suicide for career issue .may be its depression or personal.

    • Any sane person in their right mind wont believe this!!! typical Bollywood storyline and trying to emotionalize people, ridiculous!

  3. Yes he might have worked with other nice and good directors and producers.. Like he mentioned with karan Johar, Varun dhawan and alia Bhatt haven’t worked are biggest lies.. This guy is trying to be in the good books.. P.S sushant might have worked in big daddy’s movies.. After looking at his capabilities and wonderfull acting, which others certainly might have not like.. Hence he might have got banned from big banner movie… We all know about KJs drive.. where it had to released and where it got released..

  4. Shame on u shameless liar u are ridiculous @komal nahto bloody liar Karan johar gave break to Alia in Studwnt of the year and what abt jhanvi in Dhadak he always gave break to Alia and Varun so called bloody star kids u are a Big Psychopath go and take some therapy

  5. How much money you made sir for this video…you’ll get rich but truly the poorest as a human being…stop this spoon feeding that you are being done by so called good people


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