CENSOR NEWS | 10 October, 2019

The Sky Is Pink Productions LLP and Unilazer Ventures Pvt. Ltd.’s The Sky Is Pink was given C.C. No. DIL/2/419/2019 (UA) dt. 4-10-’19; running time 149 minutes.

Yashvi Films’ Hashtag Yaaram was given C.C. No. DIL/2/421/2019 (UA) dt. 9-10-’19; running time 108.55 minutes.

Sai-Digambara Creation’s Ek Nirnay Aisa Bhi was given C.C. No. DIL/1/153/2019 (U) dt. 9-10-’19; running time 134.38 minutes.

New Out Look Films’ Zarurat Hai Kahani Ki was given C.C. No. DIL/2/418/2019 (UA) dt. 3-10-’19; running time 114 minutes.

Omkar Films & Entertainment’s Atrupt was given C.C. No. DIL/3/92/2019 (A) dt. 1-10-’19; running time 99.16 minutes.

Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Gemini Man (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/2/63/2019 (UA) dt. 9-10-’19; running time 120.03 minutes.


24 Ours’ Paani (Rajasthani) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/150/2019 (U) dt. 1-10-’19; running time 105.08 minutes.

G.S. Production’s Man Jadlai (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/151/2019 (U) dt. 4-10-’19; running time 130.04 minutes.

Garima Production’s Appa Ani Bappa (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/152/2019 (U) dt. 9-10-’19; running time 138.36 minutes.

Deokar Films Production’s Vachapa (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/420/2019 (UA) dt. 9-10-’19; running time 117.22 minutes.

Rupa Nuis Films’ Tara Mira (Punjabi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/422/2019 (UA) dt. 9-10-’19; running time 119.16 minutes.


Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Gemini Man was given C.C. No. DFL/2/61/2019 (UA) dt. 3-10-’19; running time 120.03 minutes.

NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s The Addams Family (3D) was given C.C. No. DFL/2/62/2019 (UA) dt. 7-10-’19; running time 87.08 minutes.

Vkaao Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Weathering With You (Japanese, with English subtitles) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/41/2019 (U) dt. 4-10-’19; running time 116 minutes.

Top Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s 10 Minutes Gone was given C.C. No. DFL/3/63/2019 (A) dt. 4-10-’19; running time 98.35 minutes.



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