LATEST POSITION | 23 January, 2021

Master (dubbed) as also the original Tamil and dubbed Telugu versions together netted Rs. 5.91 crore in India other than South India in its first 9-day week. It collected Rs. 91 lakh on Wednesday, Rs. 94 lakh on Thursday, Rs. 88 lakh on Friday, Rs. 84 lakh on Saturday, and Rs. 95 lakh on Sunday, taking the 5-day extended weekend total to Rs. 4.52 crore. Collections on the weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 48 lakh, Tuesday – Rs. 38 lakh, Wednesday – Rs. 29 lakh, Thursday – Rs. 24 lakh. Total for the weekdays – Rs. 1.39 crore. In this way, the first 9-day week closed at Rs. 5.91 crore. Of course, the original Tamil and dubbed Telugu versions have done phenomenally well down South and could well net Rs. 200 crore in two weeks. The dubbed Hindi version did not perform too well because of lack of promotion.