YOU ASKED IT | 11 February, 2022

On the one hand, we hear trade people saying that novelty in subject is the need of the hour, and on the other, films like Badhaai Do, with such novel subjects, don’t even take an opening. So then what?

– Novelty in subject does not mean that you can make a film based on a radically different subject and hope that the film will take a flying start. The filmmaker has to also be sure of the audience he is catering to. The dull initial of BADHAAI DO today means that India is still not prepared for films in which the lead actors play gay characters.

Both the big films — Gehraiyaan and Badhaai Do — released today, have extremely bold subjects. While the former abounds in swear words and intimate scenes, the latter has the lead actors playing gay characters. Does that mean, this is the new film language?

– No, it does not mean so. Even now, we have traditional subjects being tackled in films. But yes, what it definitely means is that bolder and bolder films are being attempted. It is just a coincidence that both such films have released on the same day. One more point: if you think, GEHRAIYAAN has the F-word used in abundance, you may not be aware that youngsters in real life today use this word as liberally or almost as liberally as has been depicted in the film. Oftentimes, we forget that our films are a reflection of society.

Most of the producers have announced the new release dates of their films. But the producers of Jersey are silent. Why is it so? Is the film headed for an OTT premiere?

– No, that’s not true. An announcement of the new release date for JERSEY will be made very shortly.