YOU ASKED IT | 27 October, 2023

How is the craze for Tiger 3 building up?

– The craze for TIGER 3 is building up wonderfully well. The excitement level for the film is very high — not just in the exhibition trade but also among the public.

What kind of net collections can one expect in the last two months of this year?

– Since there are four major releases — TIGER 3, ANIMAL, DUNKI and SALAAR (dubbed) — scheduled for release in November and December this year, besides several others, the net collections for the two months for all-India could easily cross Rs. 1,500 crore or even touch Rs. 2,000 crore.

Why are so many films released without the optimal level of publicity and marketing?

– At the time of release, producers are invariably short of funds, having spent their money on the making of their films. They then hope that mouth publicity would do the trick. But for mouth publicity to work, there has first to be some awareness about the film and its release, and some amount of interest generated among the public for the film. That can happen only with promotion.