YOU ASKED IT | 28 October, 2022

What kind of release should the Barjatyas plan for their upcoming film, Uunchai?

– The Barjatyas should think in terms of a very limited release. Rather than flooding the market with the film, they should release it in very few cinemas initially, and gradually increase the screen count from the second week onwards. The film’s trailer is winning rave reviews. The ‘Keti ko’ song from the film is also gaining in popularity.

Is it true that the producers of Drishyam 2 had to pay dubbing producer Manish Shah a few crores to dissuade him from releasing the Hindi dubbed version of the Malayalam original, Drushyam 2, on his channel?

– Since the Hindi DRISHYAM 2 is a remake of Malayalam DRUSHYAM 2, it made sense for the Hindi version’s producers to stall the release of the Malayalam version’s Hindi dubbed version on any channel. Hence the payment of a few crore rupees is a step in the right direction.

Why did Bhushan Kumar not promote Thank God on the front foot?

– You are right. Bhushan Kumar did cut corners while promoting THANK GOD. He himself would be the best person to answer the query about why he did so. Probably, he was not confident about its acceptance by the paying public. These days, producers have started cutting down on promotion and marketing budgets of films if they are not sure about the success of the films. This has been observed in the last few months, ever since films are flopping with alarming regularity.