YOU ASKED IT | 12 August, 2022

Is it time for revision of star prices now? After all, films are falling like nine pins at the box-office.

It will never be time for revision of star prices till producers don’t stop chasing stars. While stars are in short supply, the number of films being made with a handful of saleable stars is ever-increasing. That is why the call for revision of star prices will always fall on deaf ears. Had the stars been a conscientious lot, they would have reduced the fees they charge, of their own volition. But which star has that kind of a clean conscience? Which star is thinking of the industry before himself? (Picture above is for representational purpose only.)

I have a wonderful script which I have myself written. But I’m finding it difficult to get a star who will work in my film. What can I do?

Every writer thinks, he has written a wonderful script. Before the audience also thinks so, the stars have to be convinced of the wonderfulness of the script, otherwise such projects never take off. This is not to dissuade you, but are you sure that your script is indeed very good? Has a person unrelated to your script endorsed it or found it interesting?

Have our filmmakers forgotten to make good films?

– I don’t think so. That is why the spate of flops is not really cause for concern. The situation would’ve been tension-ridden if our filmmakers had lost their creativity. But the fact is that Bollywood films are flopping not because our filmmakers don’t know to make good films but because the urge to make good films has taken a backseat. The motivating force is profitability which is assured for even below-average fares.