YOU ASKED IT | 3 November, 2023

Why has Tiger 3 been planned for release on Sunday (12th November) instead of the usual Friday (10th November)?

– Since the producer’s/distributor’s share is 52.50% (it is assumed that the film will net more than the benchmark figure of Rs. 70.37 crore in the first week and hence the share will be 52.50% instead of 50%) for the first 8 days, the producer must be expecting to make a killing if the film hits the screens on Sunday as Diwali falls on that day. He may be fearing that since Friday and Saturday are pre-Diwali days, collections may not be as massive as on Sunday. Two out of the eight days (of 52.50% share) registering collections which aren’t optimal for a film of the kind of craze which TIGER 3 has generated could translate into a big loss. The amounts receivable from the box-office as producer’s/distributor’s share at the rates of 45% in 2nd week, 37.50% in third week and 30% in and from the fourth week onwards will also be impacted differently if the film is released on Sunday instead of Friday. In other words, it makes sense for the producer to have bumper collections in the earlier days as the percentage share is higher on those days. For a film like TIGER 3, the share could vary to the extent of Rs. 1.50-2 crore or even more depending on whether the film is released on November 10 or 12. And that, you would agree, is not a small amount.

Has business revived post-COVID, in the true sense of the word?

– You bet, it has! We’ve not seen so many blockbusters in one year, have we? JAWAN, GADAR 2, PATHAAN and THE KERALA STORY in one year! And two months still to go! You never know, there just might be two or three more blockbusters in the last two months of the year!

I’m confused. Is it content that works or marketing? I ask this question because I’ve seen several films without merits working big time at the box-office because they were well promoted.

– And who told you that they worked because of promotion? You may not have liked those films but your opinion can’t matter more than the opinions of the lakhs of people who liked the film which therefore became a blockbuster. Promotion can work its magic for one show or a day but what counts thereafter is the content. People often think, if they haven’t liked a film, it is bad. I’d say, their judgement is bad.