Original Film, One Race Films, Perfect Storm Entertainment, Roth/Kirschen Baum Films and China Film Co.’s Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga (dubbed from the Hollywood film of the same name; UA) is the ninth main instalment, and the tenth full-length film in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his team come together to stop a world-shattering plot masterminded by Dom’s own forsaken brother, Jakob (John Cena). Not only is Jakob a skilled assassin but he is also a high-performance driver.

Justin Lin, Alfredo Botello and Daniel Casey have written a story which treads the beaten path. In that sense, there’s not much freshness in the story. The screenplay, penned by Daniel Casey and Justin Lin, is also predictable. Although the drama keeps the audiences involved in parts, it is unable to do so consistently because they often get the feeling that what’s on offer is old wine in new bottle.

Vin Diesel does a very fine job as Dom Toretto. John Cena performs ably as Jakob Toretto. Michelle Rodriguez is good in the role of Dom’s wife, Letty. Jordana Brewster holds her own as Mia Toretto, sister of Dom and Jakob. Tyrese Gibson is effective as Roman Pearce. Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges is quite good as mechanic Tej Parker. Nathalie Emmanuel is alright as computer hacker Ramsey. Charlize Theron is very good as Cipher, a criminal mastermind and a cyber terrorist. Sung Kang has his moments as Han Lue. Helen Mirren is okay as Queenie. Kurt Russell (as Mr. Nobody) makes his presence felt. Michael Rooker (as auto mechanic Buddy), Anna Sawai (as Elle), Thue Ersted Rasmussen (as Otto), J.D. Pardo (as Jack Toretto), Jim Parrack (as Kenny Linder), Lucas Black (as Sean), Don Omar (as Santos), Shea Whigham (as Agent Michael Stasiak), Shad Moss (as Twinkie), Jason Tobin (as Earl), Vinnie Bennett (as teenage Dom), Finn Cole (as young Jakob), Azia Dinea Hale (as young Letty), Brian O’Conner (as Mia Toretto’s life partner), Siena Agudong (as young Mia Toretto) and the rest provide good support.

Justin Lin’s direction is better than the oft-repeated script. Brian Tyler’s music is effective. Stephen F. Windon’s cinematography deserves special mention. Jan Roelfs’ production designing is of a high standard. Editing (by Greg D’Auria, Dylan Highsmith and Kelly Matsumoto) is reasonably sharp. Dubbing is very good.

On the whole, although Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga is a fair entertainer with plenty of action and stunts, its business in India will be less than its worth because it has an oft-repeated story, and also because it has been released in India a few months after its worldwide release and, therefore, many among the public have already seen its pirated version on the small screen.

Released on 3-9-’21 all over (except in Maharashtra, Assam and Kerala) thru Warner Bros. Publicity: good. Opening: fair at places, and good in small centres because of brand Fast & Furious.