NAUGHTY GANG | 1 June, 2019

Panch Parmeshthi Productions Pvt. Ltd. and Tryambkam Productions’ Naughty Gang (UA) is the story of three young men who lead the easy life. They meet three young ladies who run a natural health care centre but are in the business of cheating people. How all the six are reformed in the end forms the crux of the drama.

Ballu (Viren Bika), Raja (Kaif Khan) and Harry (Ramanjeet Singh) are friends in a village. They want to lead a luxurious life but without working. Ballu’s girlfriend, Vidya (Rashmi Mish­ra), does not approve of the ill-doings of the trio.

One day, the trio escapes from the village for fear of being caught by the villagers as they had gone to commit a theft in a house in the village. They meet three girls – Leela (Vividha Kirti), Maya (Rashmi Mishra again) and Mona (Monika Ravan) – near the village. The three girls run a natural health care centre. In the guise of running the health care centre, they actually loot the patients. When the three boys realise what the three girls are up to, they demand a partnership in the health care centre. The girls oblige. Romeo (Mukesh Tiwari) loves Leela. Tara (Sonia Bansal) works in the health centre.

Before long, Ballu falls in love with Maya, Raja falls in love with Mona, and Harry falls in love with Tara. Soon, Vidya’s father (Adi Irani) brings her to the health centre for treatment. What happens thereafter?

Pankaj Kr. Virat’s story is senseless and so is his screenplay. Although the drama is designed as a comedy, it hardly evokes laughter. All in all, the drama looks like a sad attempt to force people to laugh. Pankaj Kr. Virat’s dialogues are dull.

Viren Bika is alright as Ballu. Kaif Khan is fair as Raja. Ramanjeet Singh is so-so in the role of Harry. Rashmi Mishra’s performance is average in a double role (Vidya and Maya). Monika Ravan passes muster as Mona. Sonia Bansal hardly impresses as Tara. Vivi­dha Kirti is okay as Leela. Mukesh Tiwari impresses with his comedy, in the role of Romeo. AdiIrani, Parmen­der Rawat, Firdaus Mewawala, Ranjeet, Vijay Patkar, Mehnaz Shroff, Raj­kumar Kanojia, Gauransh Chauhan and Muqaddas Khan lend ordinary support.

Pankaj Kr. Virat’s direction is weak. Paresh A. Shah’s music is okay. Lyrics (Kumaar, Rashmi Virag and Pankaj Kr. Virat) are commonplace. Dev Thape and Pankaj Kr. Virat’s choreography is commonplace. Rajeev Shri­vastava’s camerawork hardly stands out. Deepak Chakravorty’s art direction is nothing to write home about. Mayuresh Sawant’s editing is loose.

On the whole, Naughty Gang is a non-starter. Released on 31-5-’19 at Gem (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bom­bay thru Green Chilly Media & Films Pvt. Ltd. Publicity & opening: poor. …….Also released all over.


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