CENSOR NEWS | 2 January, 2020

Saregama India Ltd.’s Axone was given C.C. No. DIL/1/218/2019 (U) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 104.01 minutes.

Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.’s I Pad was given C.C. No. DIL/1/208/2019 (U) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 131.48 minutes.

Cinestaan Film Company Pvt. Ltd.’s Bombay Rose was given C.C. No. DIL/2/533/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 98.26 minutes.

Stripes Entertainment LLP’s Tale Of Rising Rani was given C.C. No. DIL/1/214/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 125.49 minutes.

Mithya Talkies’ RK-Rkay was given C.C. No. DIL/1/215/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 99 minutes.

Advika Imaginations’ Vardaniya was given C.C. No. DIL/1/231/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 132.23 minutes.

India Muviz’s Bhonsle was given C.C. No. DIL/2/545/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 123.42 minutes.

Triveni Films’ Kehta Hai Yeh Dil was given C.C. No. DIL/2/547/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 116 minutes.

Rose Quartz Entertainment’s Lohardaga was given C.C. No. DIL/2/556/2019 (UA) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 115.20 minutes.

Paperlane Productions’ Dark Light was given C.C. No. DIL/3/122/2019 (A) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 98 minutes.

Pisceann Pictures’ Kaanchli Life In A Slough (partly Rajasthani) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/123/2019 (A) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 102.50 minutes.

Frame To Frame Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Taanashah was given C.C. No. DIL/3/124/2019 (A) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 101.11 minutes.

Sona Mohapatra’s Shut Up Sona (Hinglish) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/125/2019 (A) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 85.53 minutes.

Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.’s Comali (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/526/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 133.52 minutes.

RK Duggal Studios’ Sitaram (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/527/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 148.32 minutes.

Aditya Movies Entertainment (India) LLP’s Chanti The Idiot (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/531/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 140.39 minutes.

Ad Wise Media Works’ Love Lie (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/532/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 130.23 minutes; College Romeo (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/535/2019 (UA) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 147.01 minutes.

Lakshmi Ganpathy Films’ Super Strong Khiladi (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/534/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 110.37 minutes; Miss Bhanumati (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/551/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 97.12 minutes.

B4U Broadband (I) Pvt. Ltd.’s Pagal Premi (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/557/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 114.59 minutes.

Participant Media’s The Price Of Free (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/230/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 90.35 minutes.


T Mahesh Film Production’s Ghoda (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/207/2019 (U) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 90.49 minutes.

Nirmaan Studios’ Photo Prem (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/209/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 93.15 minutes.

Mirror Media Entertainment’s The Trucker Ek Pravas (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/210/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 120.56 minutes.

No Frills Cinema’s A Dog And His Man (Chhattisgarhi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/211/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 85.26 minutes.

Dreamlines Productions LLP’s Jivan Sandhya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/212/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 139.23 minutes.

Planet Marathi’s AB Aani CD (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/213/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 120.17 minutes.

Bombay Berlin Film Production LLP’s Trijya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/216/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 100 minutes.

Saveena Creation’s Pension (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/217/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 92.24 minutes.

Different Stroke Communications Pvt. Ltd.’s Mrugtrushna (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/219/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 108.59 minutes.

Miraj Creations Pvt. Ltd.’s I Love You Aishwarya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/220/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 116.47 minutes.

Shree Ganesh Marketing And Films’ Basta (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/222/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 119.03 minutes.

Om Chhangani Films’ Prawaas (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/223/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 133 minutes.

Mukta Arts Ltd.’s Vijeta (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/224/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 135.15 minutes.

Trikut Films LLP’s Abharkha (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/225/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 94.30 minutes.

Narmadas Future Films’ 1 Numbercha Dh (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/226/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 128.27 minutes.

Hinglajmata Film Production’s Aadharvad (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/227/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 129.51 minutes.

JMK Entertainment’s Vanrakshak (Himachali) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/228/2019 (U) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 144.19 minutes.

Shakambhari Film’s Chhavni (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/229/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 92.09 minutes.

Ananta Films’ Khatre Da Ghuggu (Punjabi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/528/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 117.35 minutes.

Artmen Films Ltd.’s Kem Chho? (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/529/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 141.57 minutes.

Skystar Entertainment’s Blanket (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/530/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 106.38 minutes.

SN Productions LLP’s Mann Fakira (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/536/2019 (UA) dt.
28-12-’19; running time 132 minutes.

Ashadeep Cine Production’s G (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/537/2019 (UA) dt. 28-12-’19; running time 126.58 minutes.

Sumi Production’s Ratricha Paus (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/538/2019 (UA) dt.
28-12-’19; running time 101.51 minutes.

Anusaya Production House’s Ramkahani (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/539/2019 (UA) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 113.58 minutes.

CTRLN Production Pvt. Ltd.’s Y (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/540/2019 (UA) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 158.28 minutes.

Pranali Movies’ Rivanawayali (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/541/2019 (UA) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 117.46 minutes.

Heli Films’ Gandhi Ni Bakri (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/542/2019 (UA) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 103.09 minutes.

Pratisaad Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Dhurala (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/543/2019 (UA) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 169.29 minutes.

Sankalp Karmanya Chitra’s Tuzhyasathi Kahihi (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/544/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 110.55 minutes.

RRP Corporation Pvt. Ltd.’s Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/546/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 117.43 minutes.

DK Factory’s Purasha (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/548/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 97.57 minutes.

Capaqua Films India Pvt. Ltd.’s Dharmasya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/550/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 124.14 minutes.

Pragati Chitra Sanstha’s Chivati (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/552/2019 (UA) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 121.16 minutes.

Dhanani Films’ Shabbaash (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/553/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 150.42 minutes.

Disha Creation And Entertainment’s Bade Abbu (Konkani) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/554/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 123.19 minutes.

Harsiddhi Films Entertainment’s Premasathi Anything (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/555/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 120.10 minutes.

Creative Mind Films Entertainment’s Ek Adhikari Zanzavat (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/120/2019 (A) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 147.56 minutes.

Pune Film Co. Pvt. Ltd.’s Tujhya Aaila (Shivi Nay, Khelacha Naav Hay Te) (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/121/2019 (A) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 84.55 minutes.


NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Dolittle (3D) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/58/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 101.34 minutes.

IN2 Infotainment India’s The Guilty (Danish, with English subtitles) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/59/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 85.10 minutes.

PVR Pictures Ltd.’s My Spy was given C.C. No. DFL/2/92/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 100.12 minutes; The Last Full Measure was given C.C. No. DFL/2/93/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 118 minutes; The Informer was given C.C. No. DFL/3/78/2019 (A) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 115.09 minutes.

UTV Software Communications Ltd.’s Jojo Rabbit was given C.C. No. DFL/2/94/2019 (UA) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 110.27 minutes.

Lionsgate India LLP’s Bombshell was given C.C. No. DFL/3/79/2019 (A) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 110.44 minutes.


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