Released this week in Delhi-U.P., Jay P. Entertainment House’s Sanskari Bahurani (A) is a poor show all the way. Suryakant Ganpat Tamradaman’s story is childish. The screenplay, written jointly by Tamradaman, Kamlesh Singh and Baliram Gawad, is hardly any better. The drama, therefore, looks like it has been written by a novice who has picked up writing skills by watching ‘B’- and ‘C’-grade films. Even the trio’s dialogues are poor.

Performances of Aparna Paranjape, Ravindra Kulhar, Ritesh Kumar, Premnath Gulati, Garima Agarwal, Rakesh Gupta, Rakesh Babu, Paresh Bhatt, Khushi Gupta, Vinod Mishra, Ashik Khan, Parth Kamli, Kajal Singh, Manish Raut and Shamim Khan are all poor.

Suryakant Ganpat Tamradaman’s direction is immature and unimaginative. Kamlesh Singh’s music and lyrics are nothing but functional. Raju Anthony’s choreography is dull. Subhash Suryam’s background music is routine. Pramod Pandey does a dull job of the cinematography. Shahbaz Ali’s action and stunt scenes are below average. Rajesh Shah’s editing is loose.

On the whole, Sanskari Bahurani is a disaster.