Anil Nagrath Signed | 14 February, 2020

Anil Nagrath has been added to the cast of Parag Films’ War Of Zila Jahanabad. The film is being produced and directed by P. Raj Kumar. It is written by Rajeev Jha. Music by Kumar Swaraj Sonu, Rohit Swaraj, and lyrics by Krishna Kumar Prasad are the other major credits. The film stars Padam Singh, Wasim Khan, Ramesh Goel, Yuvraj Goswami, Awadh Singh, Puja Sinha, Sakshi, Neha, Sachit Kumar, Prem Raj, Mehndi Hasan, Mahakal, Vipul Kumar, Mahesh, Ashok, Afsana, Sanksrit Mahadev Sonkar and Deepu Kumar Nishad. It will mount the sets this month at Katihar (in Bihar) with a start-to-finish spell.


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