All is not lost for the Carnival multiplex chain. After a no-show with Tadap, the national multiplex chain, a few hours back, settled the payment terms with Sony to bag the right to screen Spider-Man: No Way Home from tomorrow (16th December), like all other multiplexes and single-screen cinemas. The chain was not lucky enough with Fox Star Studios two weeks back, because of which the latter did not screen its Tadap at any Carnival property.

Of course, it’s still a long way for Dr. Shrikant Bhasi and his chain of multiplexes before it comes completely on track but a good beginning seems to have been made after the Tadap fiasco. If the chain would not have succeeded in releasing the Hollywood film from tomorrow, it would’ve been catastrophic for Carnival as it would’ve sent terrible signals to the trade.

Luckily for Carnival, the chain is in negotiations on all fronts — with landlords for payment of rent, with distributors for payment of past, current and future dues, with electricity boards for payment of electric bills for the lockdown months, with vendors for payment of dues, etc.

Vishal Sawhney, who very recently rejoined Carnival Cinemas, as the CEO, told Information, “Our 280 screens will be operational from tomorrow. Another about 80 screens will reopen within two to three months. That leaves only around 90-odd screens (including the properties only managed but not owned by Carnival), which may take a little longer as the issues are manifold in their case. But our intentions are noble — we wish to clear our dues and get on track as soon as possible. And we will succeed.”