JHANSICHI YODHA – RANI LAXMIBAI (Marathi Dubbed) | 29 November, 2019

Roadside Attractions and Cayenne Pepper Productions’ Jhansichi Yodha – Rani Laxmibai (dubbed from Hollywood film The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi; UA) is the story of Rani Laxmibai or, as she was popularly known, the queen of Jhansi.

It talks about her battle of 1857 which she, at the age of 24, led against the British empire in India. It is this battle which started the end of the British East India Company.

Swati Bhise and Devika Bhise’s story is from the books of history but their screenplay is not very engaging consistently. Although some scenes are entertaining, several are even boring.

Devika Bhise is so-so in the title role. Rupert Everett is okay as Sir Hugh Rose. Jodhi May does an average job as Queen Victoria. Ben Lamb (as Major Robert Ellis) and Derek Jacobi (as Lord Palmerston) are adequate. Milind Gunaji is good as Gangadhar Rao. Yatin Karyekar lends routine support in the role of Moropant. Arif Zakaria has his moments as Gaus Khan. Nathaniel Parker (as Sir Robert Hamilton), Glenn Webster (as Lord), Terry Bamber (as the British medical officer), Mangap Sanap (as Sundar), Siyaa Patil (as Mandar), R. Bhakti Klein (as Walrus Moustache) and Nagesh Bhonsle (as Bakshish Ali) are effective. Auroshikha Dey is impressive in the role of Jhalkari Bai. Ajinkya Deo makes his presence felt as Tatya Tope.

Swati Bhise’s direction is not upto the mark. She has not been able to make a film which can inspire patriotic feelings in the viewers. Tuomas Kantelinen’s music is okay. Seamus Deasy’s camerawork is appropriate. Oral Norrie Ottay’s editing could’ve been sharper. Dubbing is quite alright.

On the whole, Jhansichi Yodha – Rani Laxmibai lacks the patriotic fervour and, therefore, stands bleak chances at the box-office.

Released on 29-11-’19 at Bharatmata (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru PVR Pictures Ltd. Publicity: okay. Opening: poor.



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