LATEST POSITION | 29 June, 2024

KALKI 2898 AD (dubbed) started on a wonderful note on Thursday (June 27). In spite of the odd-day release — that too, without it being a holiday — the film netted Rs. 22 crore on the first day. Collections on Friday totalled Rs. 22.50 crore, which was slightly more than the first day. Collections should show a sizeable jump today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday).   

Living up to the first and second parts, JATT & JULIET 3 (Punjabi) opened to historic houses on Thursday (June 27) despite an odd-day release. It netted Rs. 2.50 crore in East Punjab on the first day, and another Rs. 1 crore from Delhi and other stations. The film grossed an overwhelming Rs. 6.63 crore Overseas on day 1! Collections on the second day (Friday) were just as outstanding!!

Ishq Vishk Rebound could not score in 1st week. It managed barely Rs. 4.50 crore in the first week.

Hamare Baarah proved a box-office bomb. It performed rather badly in the first week.

Jahangir National University met with a disastrous fate at the turnstiles in 1st week.

Pushtaini cut a sorry picture of itself in the first week.

A Stranger By The Hill collected so miserably in the first week that it lived up to the adage: truth (collections) is stranger than fiction.

Fake Boy Friend proved to be a debacle in 1st week.

Zeenat could do almost nothing in the first week.

Trisha On The Rocks (dubbed) could not do anything substantive in the first week.

Creation Of The Gods I: Kingdom Of Storms (dubbed) bombed in the first week.

Chandu Champion did fairly well in the second weekend but was dull during the weekdays. It crashed on Thursday (June 27) due to the release of Kalki 2898 AD. It started its second weekend with a take of Rs. 3.10 crore.Collections on Saturday increased to Rs. 4.90 crore, and to Rs. 6.25 crore on Sunday. After a second weekend total of Rs. 14.25 crore, collections for the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 1.90 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 1.80 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 1.85 crore, Thursday – Rs. 0.80 crore. Hence the total for the weekdays was Rs. 6.35 crore. In this way, the second week closed at Rs. 20.60 crore. Grand total for 2 weeks: Rs. 56.20 crore.

Inside Out 2 (animation, dubbed and the original English versions) continued to shine (mainly English version) in 2nd week. The film netted Rs. 0.93 crore on the first day of the second weekend. Collections increased by almost 150% on Saturday so that the day closed at Rs. 2.21 crore. The figure for Sunday was an impressive Rs. 2.57 crore. After a second weekend total of Rs. 5.71 crore, collections for the weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 0.65 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 0.69 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 0.77 crore, Thursday – Rs. 0.43 crore. Therefore, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 2.54 crore, and the total for 2nd week was Rs. 8.25 crore. Grand total for 2 weeks: Rs. 18.28 crore.

Munjya continued to kill it at the box-office in 3rd week too. It will join the Rs. 100-crore club in the fourth week. The third weekend commenced with a net collection of Rs. 3.31 crore on Friday. Collections on Saturday and Sunday jumped to Rs. 5.80 crore and Rs. 7.20 crore respectively. Hence the total for the third weekend was a very impressive Rs. 16.31 crore. The film behaved pretty well on the weekdays too except on the last day (Thursday) when Kalki 2898 AD opened. It netted Rs. 2.50 crore on Monday, Rs. 2.48 crore on Tuesday, Rs. 2.49 crore on Wednesday, and Rs. 0.85 crore on Thursday. The total for the weekdays was, therefore, Rs. 8.32 crore. In this way, the third week closed at Rs. 24.63 crore. Grand total for 3 weeks: Rs. 95.63 crore.

Alyad Palyad (Marathi) was very steady in 2nd week in Maharashtra.

Trisha On The Rocks (Gujarati) did excellent business in the first week in Gujarat and Saurashtra. It netted Rs. 2.48 crore in the first week.

Jhamkudi (Gujarati) stood super-strong in 4th week in spite of the opposition posed by last week’s Gujarati release, Trisha On The Rocks. Its total collection for the fourth week was Rs. 2.50 crore, which was extraordinary! Grand total for 4 weeks: Rs. 15.84 crore.