‘TADAP’ REVIEW | 3 December, 2021

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Fox Star Studios and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment’s Tadap (UA) is an intense and violent love story. Ishana (Ahan Shetty) lives in Mussoorie with his foster father (Saurabh Shukla) who is affectionately called ‘Daddy’ by everybody in Mussoorie. Daddy is very friendly to Nautiyal (Kumud Mishra) who is elected MLA.

Ramisa (Tara Sutaria), daughter of MLA Nautiyal, comes to Mussoorie from London (where she is studying) during her holidays. Ishana and Ramisa fall in love with one another. They decide to get married but to Ishana’s utter shock and disbelief, Ramisa is married off to Anurag. The new couple goes away to London where Anurag lives and does his jewellery business. However, Ishana is unable to forget Ramisa and move on in life. What happens thereafter?

The film is a remake of Telugu film RX100 which was written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi. The Hindi adaptation’s screenplay and dialogues are written by Rajat Aora. The story is interesting, and a couple of twists and turns in the second half are intriguing and have immense shock value too. In fact, it is these twists and turns which make the drama different from other films of this kind. Rajat Arora has penned a fast-paced screenplay which does not give the viewers even a moment to think. It keeps them engrossed and involved in the proceedings. The first half, in fact, moves at great speed and is embellished with songs and dances too. The drama becomes very intense post-interval, increasing the audience’s thirst for knowing what is in store for them. The revelations shock them! The writer has not gone into the melodrama zone as far as the father-son and father-daughter relationships are concerned, which, again, is a change that will be liked by the youth. Yes, the action and violence are excessive and may be found too much by the women to handle, but the youngsters would find the same justifiable because of the intensity of the love story. Tear-jerking emotions are missing, and a little more of light moments would’ve made the drama more wholesome. Like Arora’s screenplay, his dialogues are supremely inspired. They are excellent throughout the film and add greatly to the drama.

Ahan Shetty makes a superb debut in a role which is very difficult for a newcomer. He looks good, has a wonderful physique and screen presence, and is easy in front of the camera. He is very agile in action scenes and also dances gracefully. Tara Sutaria looks gramorous and acts wonderfully and in a natural style. Saurabh Shukla excels in the role of Daddy. Kumud Mishra is first-rate as MLA Nautiyal. Sumit Gulati is endearing as Lol. Mangal Kenkre makes her presence felt as Ramisa’s grandmother. Saurav Chakrabarti is good as Guthli. Rajesh Khera leaves a mark as Negi. Hashim Haider (as Kashi), Sohaila Kapur (as the lady in the café), Brij Bhushan Shukla (as Bhandari), Sharik Ahmed (as Mahesh), Amin Lakhani (as the mine manager), Mayank Tiwari and others lend decent support.

Director Milan Luthria, armed with a very good script, is in top form. His narrative style is very good. He has also extracted wonderful work from out of his actors. Pritam’s music is hit! The ‘Tumse bhi zyada’ song is a superhit number and will soon become the new anthem of love. ‘Hoye ishq na’ has lilting melody. ‘Tere siva jag mein’ is yet another excellent song. ‘Tu mera ho gaya hai’ is also good. Lyrics (Irshad Kamil and Ashish Pandit) are terrific. Song picturisations (by Raju Khan) are young and vibrant. John Stewart Eduri’s background music is lovely. Ragul Herian Dharuman’s cinematography is superb. Stefan Richter and Vikram Dahiya’s action and stunt scenes afford a lot of thrill. Masses and youngsters will love them. Ajay-Vipin’s production designing is of a good standard. Rajesh G. Pandey’s editing is crisp.

On the whole, Tadap is a hit fare. Its music will soar even more post-release, on the popularity charts.

Released on 3-12-’21 at Inox (daily 6 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay by Fox Star Studios. Publicity: very good. Opening: good, considering that it’s a new-hero film. …….Also released all over. Opening was much better in the multiplexes.