YOU ASKED IT | 5 May, 2023

Why has Jawan been postponed? Will it open big?

– Obviously, because work still remains to be done to complete the film, and that may not be over before 2nd June. As for its initial, one can very safely expect JAWAN to open not just big but huge! After all, it is coming as the Shah Rukh Khan starrer release after the stupendous success of PATHAAN.

What are the new release dates of Maidaan and Satyaprem Ki Katha?

– They haven’t been finalised. Till the new release date of JAWAN is not announced officially, the release schedules of the other big films of June, like MAIDAAN and SATYAPREM KI KATHA, cannot be finalised. 

Why did The Kerala Story take a good opening today? I’m asking this question because the film has as good as nil face value.

– The trailer of THE KERALA STORY and the controversy surrounding its release did the trick. There have been so many discussions around the film in private circles and in the media too in the last few days that the awareness about and excitement around the film have been big. All that has translated into an impressive opening. You can be sure that the film will grow very big as the public reports are extremely positive.