‘PIREM’ (MARATHI) REVIEW | 3 December, 2021

Parv Films’ Pirem (Marathi; UA) is the story of a young man, Jitya (Vishvajeet). He hails from a poor family and falls in love with Sai (Divya Subhash) when they meet in college. The two lovers grow apart when they change their college. When one day, Jitya sees Sai with another boy, Soham (Yogesh Khot), he slips into a depression because he loves her a lot. What happens thereafter?

Vishvajeet-Rambhau have penned a story and screenplay which are routine and even get boring. There is very limited entertainment value in the drama which, therefore, becomes dry after a while. Dialogues are very ordinary.

Vishvajeet, as Jitya, hardly impresses in his debut film. Divya Subhash is so-so as Sai. Yogesh Khot does an average job as Soham. Rahul Salunkhe is okay as writer Natha. Anjali Joglekar lends good support as Jitya’s mother. Vitthal, Ayaan Khurd, Harshali Rodge and Manini Durge provide ordinary support.

Pradeep Rangrao Laykar’s direction is dull. Music (Rohan-Rohan) and lyrics (Vishvajeet-Rambhau) are functional. Amit Baing’s choreography is nothing to shout about. Camerawork (Karan Tandale) is so-so. Sets (Prasad Mehekar and Prashant Sutar) are ordinary. Sunil Jadhav’s editing is alright.

On the whole, Pirem is a below-average fare.

Released on 3-12-’21 at Cinemax Eternity Thane (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay by Parv Films. Publicity & opening: poor.