YOU ASKED IT | 26 November, 2021

In business terms, what would you term Bunty Aur Babli 2? Why did it underperform? Is it because people are not coming to the cinemas in full force?

– A box-office flop is what BUNTY AUR BABLI 2 is. Never mind if the producers have recovered their entire cost from non-theatrical sources, but it has performed badly at the ticket windows. And no, the reason for it underperforming is not that the public is not coming in full force to the cinemas. Had that been the case, SOORYAVANSHI would not have fared so well in cinemas. The reason for the failure of BUNTY AUR BABLI 2 is simplythat it was not liked by the paying public.

What are the implications of Reliance Entertainment pulling out Sooryavanshi from all the Carnival properties for a day (on 21st November) due to default in payment of distributor’s share by the latter to the former?

– It is a signal that after the lockdown, financial matters are very serious business. They always were a serious matter but more so now. Prior to the lockdown, the industry used to function on the principle of give-and-take, but the position after the reopening of the exhibition sector is so bad that the old style of doing business often does not hold good. It’s because every sector was shaken very badly during the lockdown.

Is Aamir Khan’s decision to bring his Laal Singh Chaddha to the cinemas during Ramzan a wise one?

– Times are not normal. Therefore, the rules which the industry people followed all these years may not be needed to be followed in these extraordinary times. Besides, since Aamir Khan plays a Sikh in the film, its release on Baisakhi day makes a lot of sense even if Baisakhi will fall in the Ramzan days.